Local Corner

Sunday, June 2, 2024 – Cinéma Les Arcades

2 committed films rooted in their region!

As in previous years, we have chosen to screen films dedicated to local issues during the Village des Initiatives day, to enable Maralpins from the Alpes-Maritimes department as well as from the PACA region and beyond to come together around ecological and social themes.

The Local Corner is dedicated to presenting films (all genres and non-competitive) dedicated to local initiatives or issues, to raise awareness of territorial, social and environmental issues.

Following the screenings, the public will be invited to attend discussions with the directors.




in the presence

of director

Nathanaël Coste

The boxer theory

Nathanaël Coste – 97 min – France – 2023

10:30 am – Cinéma Les Arcades – Film-debate with the director

The excesses of the climate are hitting the agricultural world harder and harder. In 2022, drought caused a real shock in the Drôme valley.

Nathanaël Coste, a geographer by training, surveys organic and conventional farmers for whom the time for adaptation has already begun. In the field, approaches differ, whether based on technology, water storage, soil management or agroecology. With half of all farms set to change hands within the next ten years, the film takes a no-holds-barred look at farmers and researchers to rethink the way we produce and build food resilience in a given region.




in the presence

of director

Michel Toesca


Michel Toesca – 240 min – France – 2023

1pm – Cinéma Les Arcades – Film-debate with the director

After three years of welcoming migrants to his farm, Cédric Herrou, a farmer in the Roya valley, and his partner Marion, have come up with a permanent integration solution for asylum seekers.

This film tells the present-day story of the joyous, but fraught struggle to create the world’s first Emmaus farming community. How can we invent another life in the face of precariousness and exclusion?A fraternal, human, collective and political experience.

The tree that hides the forests

Miattia Trabucchi – 93 min – France – 2024

4pm – Cinéma L’Olympia – Film-debate with the director

In the heart of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur’s wooded vastness, there are still a few rare areas of natural forest, often neglected, sometimes protected, precious witnesses of the diverse, powerful and resilient forest we’ve forgotten. The tree that hides the forests rediscover the incredible diversity of interactions that animate and link all its living forms, and give it its strength. From the Mediterranean coast to the Alpine peaks, discover the extraordinary diversity of the region’s woodlands, as well as their history. How agricultural and pastoral conquests, fire, timber harvesting and plantations have shaped it, but also rejuvenated it to the point of vulnerability. What initiatives are underway to manage it? To understand the stakes and contradictions weighing on this large and increasingly coveted space, we take you to meet the various players: scientists, associations, managers, local authorities, foresters, landowners… Together, let’s set the conditions for a more sustainable future, assured by true forests that are more alive and resilient.