International competition

Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1, 2024 – Cinéma Les Arcades

6 films from around the world
awarded by the international jury

The FIFES showcases international films to highlight ecological and social initiatives.

This year’s international competition will feature six documentaries from around the world: Argentina, Indonesia, Canada, USA, Denmark and Belgium. The aim of the films selected is to take a systemic approach to the major issues and challenges of our time: respect for living beings, preservation of ecosystems, access to water, food, energy, health, education, youth, culture, technology, the economy, politics…

The International Jury

The members of the international jury have been carefully chosen to represent both ecological and/or social commitment and the world of cinema.

Gender parity is respected. We also make sure that from one edition to the next we alternate between a president and a president of the jury. After Emmanuel Cappellin (France) in 2023, Delia Ackerman (Peru) will chair the Jury for this year’s international competition.

Delia Ackerman at FIFES 2023 during the debate following the screening of her film Hatun Phaqcha.