Our reason for being

The FIFES aims to raise the profile of ecological and social initiatives through the arts, and cinema in particular.

We advocate the joy and conviviality of Baruch Spinoza and Ivan Illich, as well as the reliance of sociologist Marcel Bolle de Bal, because Gaston Bachelard’s words resonate with us: “Far from being illustrating relationship, it is relationship that illuminates being”.

In the singular times in which we live, we feel the crucial need to see the emergence of new narratives for a desirable future, new founding myths for the times to come. Our present generations have become aware of their inner sovereignty and creative power, as well as their ability to act and unite.

Our role is to infuse and spread freedom of expression for a more just, sustainable and bearable world.

On the screen, the stage and the festival village, the heart of Mother Earth and all the beings who inhabit her vibrates.