Awards and trophies

Jury's Special

The Prix Spécial du Jury is awarded to an extraordinary film that takes us to the frontier between dream and reality, documentary and fiction, and offers a different vision of the world.

Graine d'Or

The Graine d’Or is FIFES’ highest distinction. It represents the seeds of the future sown by change-makers. The award-winning film invites us to get moving.

Coup de Cœur

The Coup de Cœur prize is awarded to a work that tells the story of a life, a way of being and a way of doing that moves us and touches our hearts.


The Prix Jeunesse is awarded to a work that raises awareness of ecological and social issues among young audiences.


The award for Best Direction honors the cinematographic qualities of the work: the rhythm of the narrative, the originality of the staging and its aesthetic use.

Hope green

The Vert Comme l’Espoir prize is awarded to a work that contributes to giving hope by showing initiatives and concrete solutions to ecological and social issues.


The Commitment Award recognizes the boldness and determination of the protagonists and directors.


The Audience Prize is awarded by spectators at festival screenings. It rewards one of the films screened during the FIFES.

The artists who created the trophies

Kyriaki Moustaki

Kyriaki Moustaki, a ceramist based in Vallauris, whose works are inspired by Greek mythology. Originally from the Greek island of Naxos, part of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, she remains attached to her homeland. While Naxos is rich in marble and emery, the land devoted to agriculture is scarce and precious, as on the Greek islands. This land also reminds him of his first toys
that she made herself from clay. This artist creates works using the Raku or glazed clay technique. She has an exhibition space in Vallauris and continues to take part in international pottery markets and exhibitions in France and abroad.

Store: 9 rue Clément Bel, near Place de l’Homme au mouton by Picasso, Vallauris.

Aurore Lanteri

Aurore Lanteri is a visual artist born in Nice on April 10, 1986. Her artistic itinerary, rooted in a solid training and a series of varied professional experiences, positions her as a key figure on the French art scene. After initial studies at the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris, where she specialized in Fashion Design, Aurore continued her studies at the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. It was here that she honed her mastery of the plastic arts, culminating in the award of her DNSEP Art in 2012. Her work, rooted in the mediums of painting, sculpture, collage and drawing, explores the depths of human experience, sensitively capturing the complex emotions and contrasting realities of our times.

Aurore Lanteri has shone on the art scene through active participation in renowned national and international exhibitions, such as Un arc-en-ciel en hiver in Grasse and the Florence Biennale. His residency at the Musée Picasso d’Antibes in 2023, culminating in the solo exhibition Vivre, demonstrates his ability to engage in dialogue with great figures of art while asserting his own artistic voice.


Jérémy Besset

Jérémy Besset is a painter born in Cannes in 1984 and now based in Mougins. His art combines over twenty years’ experience in graffiti, patinas and calligraphy. In 2015, the artist stopped using aerosol cans and began working with brushes, preferring acrylic paint or paint made from natural pigments, which are more in line with her values of humanism and ecology. Her work evokes a colorful energy with positive, universal messages. Jérémy takes part in international art fairs, exhibits in various galleries and collaborates with major brands.


Lisélion is a distinguished painter, renowned for her “Re-enchantment through Art” initiative. She has been awarded several prizes, including the Prix de Dessin de l’École Alsacienne and the Médaille d’Argent de l’Académie des Arts-Sciences-Lettres.

His work is cited in prestigious references such as the Drouot and Akoun quotations. She has regularly participated in and even contributed to the organization of major art fairs in Paris, and her work has been exhibited in leading galleries, including her own gallery on rue des Rosiers and Galerie Charpentier for eight years. In addition to her exhibitions, she has launched a series of creations derived from her paintings under the Lisélion brand, aiming to make art more accessible and inspiring. Lisélion has also produced books, illustrations, lithographs and textile designs, all focusing on bright, positive themes. She is surrounded by a community of talented artists, including her two sons, enriching her artistic projects. After a career spanning over 30 years, she continues to promote the values of aesthetics, respect and love through her art, aiming for a more harmonious life for all.

Joahim Rossignol aka Jo Ross

Joahim Rossignol aka Jo Ross is an illustrator, painter and teacher, as well as a dancer. Fascinated by comics from an early age, in 2021 he released his first album, “Quand je serai seul avec la mer”, the fruit of a 4-year collaboration with Dominique Guyaux, a sailor-traveler and researcher into eating habits, and author of the autobiographical novel of the same name. Joachim is also developing a teaching activity, sharing his knowledge with groups, outdoors or for personal coaching, as well as with children in his comic book courses and workshops. In 2023, with the company “les Somatonautes”, he performed La Danse des Pierres, an immersive performance, at the 3rd FIFES.

Sundari Veneroni

Sundari Veneroni is an interior designer, illustrator, sculptor, permaculture project designer and teacher of French as a foreign language.
She was born and raised in the French Riviera. She contributed illustrations to the FIFES permanent book and posters.