CSR approach 2023-2024

Let’s build together a truly… Ecological and social !

FIFES is dedicated to raising awareness of major ecological and social issues. So we’re naturally keen to reduce the ecological footprint of our event as much as possible, while making it accessible to as many people as possible. Since 2023, we have made the festival part of a demanding CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) process, implementing an approach that is as committed to the environment – respecting the planet’s limits – as it is to society – equity and inclusion – directly inspired by Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Theory.

An environmentally responsible festival

Logistic, technical and furniture

  • The equipment is on loan from our partners.


  • Lighting for the opening and closing ceremonies is kept to a minimum.
  • Travel between FIFES venues and accommodation is on foot.


  • Water bottles and water fountains (carbon filter) replace plastic bottles.


  • Packaging is made from recycled cardboard and glass is returnable.
  • We keep paper printing to a strict minimum, and our printer is imprim’vert certified (recycled paper and vegetable-based inks).
  • Recycling garbage cans are available at all FIFES venues.
  • Cooked products are organic, local and in season, to encourage short supply chains.
  • The chefs recover all green waste for composting.
  • Wooden crates (fruit and vegetables) are reused (for fireplaces) and cardboard recycled.

Power supply

  • Catering is exclusively vegetarian/vegan.

A welcoming and socially inclusive festival


  • FIFES highlights on the Place de la Castre – Opening and Closing Ceremonies – and the Allées de la Liberté – Village des Initiatives and Graine d’Or Evening – are free, open to the public and accessible to people with reduced mobility.


  • The Youth Competition is open to primary and secondary schools in Cannes and the surrounding area. Teaching kits are sent to teachers, enabling them to use the cinema material to enrich their various learning activities.
  • The Village des Initiatives offers fun wooden games and numerous frescoes to raise awareness of major challenges, for the whole family to discover.

Gender equality

  • Jury members are made up of 2 women and 2 men, and depending on the year, the fifth member may be a man or a woman.