Sisters in combat

International competition – Friday, May 31, 2024 – 8pm – Cinéma Les Arcades




in the presence

Henri de Gerlache

Sisters in combat

Henri de Guerlache – 70 min – Belgium – 2022

In a thousand-year-old forest, home to the world’s tallest trees, an extraordinary story unfolded 25 years ago: Julia Butterfly committed herself body and soul to saving a forest from destruction in Northern California, living for 738 days atop a giant sequoia. Like a resounding echo, young women all over the world are rising up to protect the living from destruction. They are in their twenties, with their lives ahead of them and the strength and faith of their youth, and they have chosen to sacrifice these beautiful years for a cause that is beyond them. Their names are Anuna and Adélaïde (Belgium), Luisa (Germany), Léna (France), Leah (Uganda) and Mitzi (Philippines). Each in their own way, but all driven by a unique energy, these combat sisters share their doubts and desires. What emerges is a collective journey, like intertwined tree roots, driven by hope, commitment and an uncommon ideal.

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