Editorial by Sundari Veneroni & Maxime Giordano

Co-Founders of FIFES

We work to weave links
between cultures and generations
through various artistic media

We’re looking forward to seeing you again for what promises to be an extraordinary 4th edition!

Placed under the sign of the living, the festival honors the youth and those who make of the cinema a medium of expression, of commitment and who have this capacity to contribute to the incarnation of the new imaginary. More than ever, the festival aims to be a place for encounters, debate, reflection and openness to the world, as well as a place for festivities, conviviality, benevolence and knowledge.

The FIFES enabled 5,500 spectators, filmmakers, artists and committed players from the département to gather around the festival’s raison d’être: to make ecological and social initiatives visible, and to promote them through the arts, and cinema in particular.

The festival is run by a group of citizens aware of the importance of taking action for the living, for young people and for the common good. We’d like to extend a special thank you to all the speakers and volunteers who help make the magic happen every year.

The 7th art is at the heart of our raison d’être. Our aim is to highlight ecological and social initiatives in order to raise awareness, teach and pass on what’s possible, and thus create new imaginary worlds whose mission is to be embodied by citizen initiatives.

Come and meet a festival that looks like you and that brings us together!
Let’s make ecological and social initiatives visible through culture.

Festively yours.