A Godmother & a Godfather!

Prune de Maistre

Screenwriter and author Prune de Maistre wrote the screenplays for the feature films
Mia and the White Lion
The Lion and the Wolf
(2021) and
The Last Jaguar
(2024) directed by her husband Gilles de Maistre.

Gilles de Maistre

A globetrotting director, Gilles de Maistre began making documentaries in the 1980s, notably for Sygma Télévision and the CAPA agency.
Whether it’s war, famine, guerrilla warfare, homelessness, violence or natural disasters, he travels the world denouncing, warning and informing.
In 1990, he founded his own production company, Tetra Media, to manage his own films.
His documentary,
J’ai 12 ans et je fais la guerre
won him the 1990 Albert-London Audiovisual Prize, the International Emmy Award for Best Documentary, the 7 d’Or for Best Feature Story, and a dozen other awards worldwide.