More than ever, the festival aims to be a place for encounters, debate, reflection and openness to the world, as well as a place for festivities, conviviality, benevolence and knowledge.

Since its creation, it has been a team of committed citizens aware of the importance of taking action for the living world, for young people and for the common good.

Since then, companies, associations and public decision-makers have joined F.I.F.E.S., because the festival is undeniably a high-impact formula that marks a key moment in the social and environmental cultural offering.

The 7th art is one of the media at the heart of our raison d’être. We wish to highlight ecological and social initiatives in order to sensitize, teach and transmit the possibilities and thus create new imaginary worlds that have the mission to be embodied by citizen initiatives.

Our organization

Heart Circle
Les référent(e)s des
Communication Circle
Selection Committee Circle
Technical Circle
Restaurant & Bar Circle
Partnership Circle
Village of Initiatives Circle
Logistics Circle
Administration Circle

FIFES is organized in 7 circles, each with a specific theme and mission.

The team

Sundari Veneroni
Sundari VeneroniCo-Founder
“You can cut off all the flowers but you can’t stop the spring from coming.”
Pablo Neruda
Maxime Giordano
Maxime GiordanoCo-founder
Patricia Barrenfeld
Patricia BarrenfeldPartnership Circle
Andreas Schweitzer
Andreas SchweitzerSelection Committee Circle
Concerned about the future of life on our planet, an actor, a film buff… among other things, I am happy and proud to be part of this incredible team that brings FIFES to life. I hope that this initiative will leave its mark on the minds of people who still doubt… and make them act in turn for a living world that has a future.
Jean-Christophe Anna
Jean-Christophe AnnaSelection Committee Circle
Rebel in love with the Living and enlightened utopian.
In 2020, I am initiating the great project L’Archipel du Vivant, whose ambition is to create a new society that respects living beings, that is free of all relations of domination and that is truly democratic.
Finally, I am the author of the books “Climate is not the right fight!” and “Let’s write a new narrative together
to save life!”.
Jean Gouny
Jean GounySelection Committee Circle
Director at Cannes Cinéma. Trainer in the field of image. Recently retired mathematics teacher, I have been in charge of the organization of CinÉduc during the Cannes Film Festival for many years.
Olivier Tosello
Olivier ToselloDigital Circle
I like to make people’s lives easier with digital tools. I am involved in FIFES to raise awareness among the younger generation about these crucial issues for the future.
Solène Manouvrier
Solène ManouvrierCSR approach
Rémi Lesueur
Rémi LesueurTechnical Circle
Sveltana Shatilova
Sveltana ShatilovaPartnership Circle
Curious and passionate, she wants to do everything: permaculture, compost and zero waste, chicken coop, barter, coffee shop, carpooling, vinted, energy renovation, photovoltaic, bike… and prosecco! Nothing better to remake the world (which needs it) than an aperitif with friends!
Simon Duval
Simon DuvalCatering Circle
Chef and food consultant according to the principles of Ayurveda. My raison d’être is the prevention of the digestive system and the transmission of the influences of Ayurveda in a modernized and westernized way by bringing together an ethical and ancestral cuisine…

Contact: ᖴᒪᐰᐯᕮᔑᑕᕮᑎᑕe

Rémi Souverville
Rémi SouvervilleCatering Circle
Sébastien GASTAUD
Sébastien GASTAUDCatering Circle
Barry Housseni
Barry HousseniCatering Circle
Fredreric Ghiglione
Fredreric GhiglioneVillage of Initiatives Circle
And all the others...
And all the others...
Thank you!