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When water runs out… how to adapt?

The 6th IPCC report on the consequences of global warming announces an increase in extreme phenomena, particularly heat waves and water shortages. In France, last year was already particularly marked by several episodes of heat wave and drought. After a winter with little rain, this year also promises to be very dry. Some departments, including the Alpes Maritimes, have already been placed on drought alert. For his part, the President of the Republic has announced a Water Plan to adapt to these unprecedented situations of water shortage in France. So how can we prepare for a future in which water will be scarcer? How to manage future conflicts of use? And how can we succeed in reducing our water needs?

3:30 – 4:30 pm
Prepared and moderated by Solène Manouvrier

Stakeholder(s) :

  • Anthony Salomone, Mayor of Aiglun
  • Nicolas Lassauque, organic market gardener in Carros, president of Agribio06 and lecturer at the agricultural high school in Antibes
  • Florence Pintus, France Nature environnement PACA


Youth, what commitment to take up the immense challenges of our time?

Erosion of biodiversity, climate change, energy depletion… It is difficult to be optimistic today when trying to imagine the future, especially when you are between 17 and 24 years old. Some young people are more sensitive than others to the gravity of the ecological situation. What were their triggers? What life for a young person in 2023? Which commitment(s)? This meeting gives the floor to 6 representatives of this youth mobilized for a better world.

16:45 – 17:45
Prepared by Jean-Christophe Anna.
Moderated by Mathieu Kuntz (22 years old) Co-founder of L’Archipel du Vivant and ex-Leader of Youth for Climate in France.

Stakeholders :

  • Maude Darget-Lacoste (32 years old), co-president of the association Vaïeven which carries the project En Boîte Le Plat on the French Riviera.
  • Manon Garcia (30 years old), project manager at Evaluco, a popular education association for sustainable development, in charge of the animation of the Sainte Marthe third place in Grasse. Co-president of the association Vaïeven which carries the project En Boîte Le Plat on the French Riviera.
  • Rachel Gaultier (23 years old) in civic service within an association of education to eco-citizenship, in charge of the link between responsible producers and thoughtful consumers and also engaged in the adventure of L’Archipel du Vivant
  • Yann Urbon (20 years old) Founder of the symbiotic ecosystem Trips
  • Vivien Nicolas (17 years old) Member of the youth jury and eco-delegate of his high school class in Lannion
The necessary adaptation to future shocks. How to live on Earth differently?

Life, water, soil, climate, pollution… while the planetary limits are crossed one after the other and our thermo-industrial civilization is going to experience an inevitable energetic and material descent, what are the risks we are facing today? How to anticipate them and learn to live differently? With what relationship to the Living? On what scale? For what future?

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Prepared by Jean-Christophe Anna.
Moderated by Dominique Bollinger, environmental engineer and sustainability coordinator for the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO)

Stakeholders :

  • Laure Noualhat (member of the international jury, environmental journalist, author of the books “Comment rester écolo sans finir dépressif” and “Bifurquer par temps incertains”)
  • Anne-Laure Nicolas (member of the international jury, co-founder of the Bois du Barde eco domain, human permaculturist),
  • Pascale Derm (jury member, author of the books “Natura”, “L’écoféminisme en questions” and “L’école de la forêt”)
  • Emmanuel Cappellin (president of the international jury, director of the film “Once you know” and founder of the Roots of Resilience project)

Performance – Let’s do it! Organic time!

Speakers from the village, but also visitors, have in common that they want to create something ecological and social on our territory in the perspective that dynamics are formed and links are woven, for concrete actions.

It will be a matter of building the stage on the day itself, which will then be animated, also with the public present. This round table is a moment of collective construction, the course of which is to be adapted until the last moment

7:15pm – 8:15pm
Prepared and moderated by Fred Ghiglione