🎨 The artists behind the Trophées


The Golden Seed

Jérôme Cern lspanakçi – independent designer born in Nice in 1973. This vocation for the detour and sublimation of objects was born at an early age with the discovery of LEGOs and their infinite possibilities of free expression through assembly. Passionate about technical and aesthetic resolutions, the approach has been gradually and concretely established when exploring the world of watchmaking a few years later.

A training in interior architecture has allowed to refine the initial perceptions related to design, space, ergonomics and proportions.

A continuous self-taught training in most of the building trades has allowed us to push back, bypass and use most of the technical constraints.

In order to continue to materialize ever-growing creative inspirations, this frantic quest for fluid forms, technicality and qualitative materials was then specified by the integration in the works of all possible and imaginable existing objects potentially meeting these criteria.

The “coup de coeur” prize

Kyriaki Moustaki - Ceramic artist

Kiriaki Moustaki, a ceramist based in Vallauris, with works inhabited by Greek mythology. Originally from the Greek island of Naxos belonging to the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, she remains attached to her motherland. If Naxos is rich in marble and emery, the land devoted to agriculture is rare and preas on the Greek islands. This land also reminds him of his first children’s toys that she made herself in clay.

This artist creates works using the Raku or glazed clay technique. Shehas an exhibition space in Vallauris and continues to participate ininternationalpottery marketsand exhibitions in France and abroad.

Store : 9 rue Clément Bel near the Place de l’Homme au mouton de Picasso, Vallauris.

Special Award

Jean Rigolejaune, born on April 31, 1748 according to the police, 2094 according to theunions, is a French visual artist counting for nothing.

His father was a relative. His mother was not funny. From the age of three, he tries to conform to the spoiled society in which he is immersed. Very quickly, he accumulated awards: Oscar for best screenplayrio vide, César for the best male despair, Molière for employability, Légion d’honneur for docile and carefree collaboration with a deleterious society.

Warmed up by all these successes, his cortex eventually flares up. He then walks away from his superblysuperficial, fabulously tiring, and comfortably conforming life,and extracts himself from hisingenuous engineering profession.

He now clings to the branches of artistic creation, of literary admiration, of humanyellow/black death (notably via the satirical magazine Malheurs Actuels), education (from its children, in schools, and via the Shift Project), of love and respect for Life (occupations, Let’s face it, much more grotesque and futile than the big fat unquenchable thirst for power, of money and compulsive purchases), to avoid the abyss of a dizzying and tetanizing pessimism.

Luisa Valenzuela, expresses herself through art crafts. She is originally from Chile. She grew up in a working class environment which allowed her to be self-taught and sensitive to its environment. His works reflect the ancient wisdomsNative American tribes.

She oscillates between the weaving of Mandala, Ojos de Dios and sculpture in clay.


Sundari Veneroni is an interior designer, illustrator, sculptor, permaculture project designer and teacher of French as a foreign language. She was born and raised in the French Riviera. She hasticipated to the illustrations of the permanagement book and the F.I.F.E.S. posters.