Hello everyone, my name is Sophie Rabhi Bouquet, and in June 2022 I was president of the jury of the FIFES, International Festival of Ecological and Social Films in Cannes. I discovered a rich, nourishing and profound program. I was able to meet directors, authors, people who are committed to an angle of view to enlighten, to nourish the reflection of the spectators in this transition that we are currently living. I can only invite you to join the FIFES in 2023 to swell the ranks of the spectators of this superb festival which deserves to be known and recognized,

See you soon

Sophie Rabhi Bouquet, President of the Jury 2022

Hello, my name is Michel Toesca, I have been to the FIFES twice, once with the film Libre which won a prize and a second time as a member of the jury.

So here I am, I support this festival, fully, because it is a festival that opens singular perspectives on current issues obviously ecological and social burning.

I have always learned something from its scheduling, from its forums and workshops.

This is a festival that needs to be helped, it is an emerging festival and I ask you to support it with me. I hope to be invited next year because it is an intelligent festival, curious and above all we are welcomed with an exceptional conviviality.

Well, see you soon, thanks.

Michel Toesca, Former member of the jury

Hello, I’m Laurence Conan, I’m in charge of development for a national association of documentaries on the big screen that promotes and programs documentary films throughout France. I had the pleasure of participating in the jury of the second edition of the International Festival of Ecological and Social Films last June in Cannes, and I was already able to appreciate the work of this festival, which is established in the field, which has developed a whole activity with the young public and which has set up the Village of initiatives. It’s a young festival led by a dynamic, warm, very energetic team and I think we should really encourage them because it’s long to set up a festival. All festivals are going through this maturing phase and it is absolutely necessary to help them build their audience or more broadly develop. I wish you a very nice development perspective. Thank you.

Laurence Conan, Former member of the jury

Hello, my name is Karyn Baron, I’ve been living on the French Riviera for a few years now, and I discovered the FIFES a year ago, last year, I was called to be a member of the jury, so I discovered a whole association with people, very committed volunteers, booths, forums and extremely relevant screenings to talk about ecology and sensitive issues. I was quite overwhelmed and also amazed by the positive things that could be done, through the discussion forums, the screenings, the exhibitor booths. It is absolutely necessary that FIFES continues to exist, that it expands and that we can still see it for a long time in Cannes to inform people, to make things move and move forward together

So I really support FIFES, thank you.

Karyn Baron, Former member of the 2022 jury

The FIFES is a young festival, it is two years old, and it is a festival full of future because it is precisely about the future that it talks to us. It shows us through quality films, which can be the ecological and social problems, which, today worry us. It also allows us to consider what collective or individual activities or actions we can take to try to deliver or leave to our children a more sustainable world. That’s why you have to support this festival both financially by donations and also concretely by ensuring a wide diffusion on your networks.

Thank you in advance.

Laurette Sybille