Prix Jeunesse 2023 screening: Spring Tales

Cineum 13 Av. Maurice Chevalier, Cannes, France

Spring is coming. In the middle of the jungle or the forest, nature takes over, encounters surprise more than one, love blossoms and troubadours sing for the queen. Stories of great originality brought by young talents of animation to celebrate this season full of promises...

Screening of Prix Coup de Coeur 2021: Ruptures

A documentary film by Arthur Gosset Their destiny was well mapped out: brilliant studies, the promise of a good job and a big salary. But nothing went according to plan. Aurélie, Maxime, Hélène, Emma and Romain are graduates of Polytechnique, Sciences Po, Centrale or business schools. They have made a radical choice: to give up the future they were promised for a life they consider more compatible with the environmental and societal challenges of our time. This film tells their story. Over the course of a year, young director Arthur [...]

Projection Golden Seed Award 2023: Girl Scouts

Cineum 13 Av. Maurice Chevalier, Cannes, France

Marie and Juliette left the classical education system to open a school in the heart of Brussels where they welcome children with no schooling background, often from exile. They offer them a place and a time outside of formal school learning to be or become children again, before facing the school institution that will expect them to be students. Through their attempts and their pedagogical reflections, the film forces us to question the school as a place where oppressive relationships affect us all.