The International Competition

F.I.F.E.S. honors international films in order to highlight environmental and societal initiatives.

The international competition will be composed of medium and feature films with documentaries, fictions and animations. The ambition of the selected films is to address the enormous issues and challenges of our time in a systemic approach: water, agriculture, society, energy, health, education, technology, economy, politics, “buen vivir” or “Sumak Kawsay” in Quechua, the good life, etc.

The members of the jury are carefully chosen to represent the ecological and/or social commitment and the world of cinema. Gender parity is respected. We also make sure that from one edition to the next we alternate between a president and a president of the jury.
Thus, this year, Emmanuel Cappellin succeeds Sophie Rabhi-Bouquet as president of the jury of the international competition.

The international jury

Emmanuel Cappellin
Emmanuel CappellinPresident of the jury 2023 - Writer-director, producer.
After studying environmental sciences and international development at McGill University and directing and producing at the Berkeley Digital Film Institute, Emmanuel Cappellin chose the documentary mode of expression to explore the relationship between humans and the Earth.

He started out with Frédéric Back, an early environmental activist and Oscar-winning animator, then directed several short films, edited Jodie Martinson’s documentary To the Tar Sands (2007) and went to China to produce and direct Thoughts & Reflections (2010). Chief cameraman for television and regular collaborator of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, he has conducted hundreds of interviews for the films Témoins du Climat (2009, France5), Human (2015, Venice Film Festival, France2) and Woman (2020, released in theaters). He is now a partner in the production company Pulp Films, where he wrote and directed, in collaboration with Anne-Marie Sangla, Une fois que tu sais, his first documentary film, released in September 2021.

Laure Noualhat
Laure Noualhatmember of the 2023 jury - director, journalist
As a journalist, I built my environmental culture at Libération where I participated in the creation of the Earth page.
For fifteen years, I have devoted myself daily to ecology in all its forms and dimensions.

Reports on polluted areas, passion for energy and nuclear power in particular, monitoring of international climate negotiations, analysis of public policies, articles on the fight against unnecessary infrastructure, etc.
As a filmmaker, I have contributed to two major investigations on nuclear waste and safety. I also made a film on shale gas, another with American climate skeptics, and a
big survey on PMA, the best of all worlds? In 2018, co-directed Après-Demain with Cyril Dion. In 2021, broadcast of my series on eco-anxiety, Carbonized, online until
2024 on
As an author, I like to write in the long run. Latest books published: Comment rester écolo sans finir dépressif, éditions Tana. 2020. And Bifurquer par temps incertains, Tana editions. 2023.

Jaime Piperno
Jaime PipernoJury member 2023 - Professor, lecturer
Born in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, he studied at the Lycée Français, graduated from the Faculty of Law and studied in Brussels, Geneva, Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Rome.

Professor of Political Economy at the University, director of postgraduate courses and coordinator of international meetings of South American universities, he has participated in the World Conferences on Higher Education (UNESCO) in Havana and Paris. He is the co-author of the program to connect prominent Uruguayans living abroad with their country of origin. Promoter and signatory of the Cooperation Agreement between the University of Nice and the University of Uruguay, he also participated in the International Water Symposium from 2004 to 2016 presenting numerous works on the subject.

He received the UNESCO “Lights of Water” award 2010
Founding member of the “International Chair of Water and Sustainable Development”, he regularly comes to Cannes to participate in its cultural events.

Pascale d'Erm
Pascale d'ErmJury member 2023 - Writer-director
Writer-director, Pascale has been exploring nature and ecology topics since 1996, notably with Goodplanète, France 3 Ouest or the former Cinquième. She has collaborated with Régal, Psychologies Magazine, Santé Magazine among others.
In publishing, Pascale has published a dozen books, with Glénat, Les Petits Matins or Ulmer, including Sisters in Ecology (editions La Mer Salée, 2017) on the history and place of women in ecology from the Middle Ages to today and the graphic essay L’Écoféminisme, un nouveau regard sur le monde (editions La Plage, 2021).
As a director, she wrote and directed NATURA (with the participation of Canal+), the first international survey on the benefits of the experience of nature on physical, mental and emotional health, and AQUA (with Canal+) on the therapeutic virtues of water, fresh and salt, on the diseases of civilization, and published on the same subject Natura, pourquoi la nature nous soigne et nous rend plus heureux (Les Liens qui Libèrent, 2019) and La Santé Bleue, la nouvelle médecine de l’eau (Massot editions, 2021). His latest book, L’École de la forêt, was published in June 2022 by La Plage and presents the pedagogy of schools in the forest. She is currently developing four documentary films for the ARTE channel on ecofeminism (India, Kenya, West Indies, Poland). She is a certified forest bathing guide (Shinrin Yoku 2021 method), and a member of the United Nations Harmony with Nature network.
Anne-Laure Nicolas
Anne-Laure NicolasMember of the 2023 jury - Founder of an eco-environment, permaculturist
Born in 1977, Anne-Laure Nicolas Penel, is the co-founder and co-coordinator of the PTCE (Pôle Territorial de Coopération Économique) Éco Domaine Le Bois du Barde since July 2011. She is committed to the transmission of Transitions, human, social and economic permaculture. Self-taught, she is the designer and coordinator of the PTCE Éco Domaine le Bois du Barde, a place of economic cooperation and participatory housing. She co-founded it with Gilles NICOLAS, the father of her 3 children, in 2011 and has been co-coordinating it since 2020 with Nicolas Weingaertner. Since 2019, Anne-Laure develops her desire to transmit her experience of human, social and economic permaculture. Speaker, author, spreader of possibilities. It raises awareness of the place of women in society and more precisely in the alternative circles that are so militant but so little concerned with their own practice. It calls into question the Judeo-Christian society and the predominantly patriarchal functioning of Western society. It encourages a balance between the masculine and the feminine, even the exit of a certain binarity with the notions of adelphity. She thus joins the feminist energy of Simone de Beauvoir who has her place in her family tree and the matriarchal energy of her family.

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