19 04, 2023

Aya (Sélection Internationale)

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Lahou, Ivory Coast. Aya grew up carefree with her mother. Intimately linked to her island, the young girl sees her bearings collapse when she learns that her paradise is doomed to disappear under the waters. As the waves threaten her home, Aya makes a decision: Lahou is her island; she will not leave it. An initiatory path is then offered to her, a path towards her identity, a path towards herself.

15 04, 2023

Collapsed (Sélection Internationale)

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Civilization is collapsing. Tim (30) fled the city to find food and join his parents, in vain. Hungry and thirsty, he stumbles upon the house of Manon, a solitary woman who lives in autonomy in the nature. She agrees to feed him in exchange for his help in the vegetable garden, but in two weeks he will have to leave.

2 01, 2023

L’Attaque des Déchets (Youth Selection)

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Roxanne and Philippe are so obsessed with their relationship that they often forget about the world around them. While in the middle of an argument they decide to separate, a strange phenomenon occurs: garbage from all over the world comes to life and attacks people. Arnold, their lifelong friend, is convinced that it is because of them, they must reconcile and everything will return to normal. Roxanne and Philippe will then try everything to solve their quarrels, save their couple and save the world. Easier said than done when a simple can of soda becomes a relentless killer.

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