15 05, 2023

Green Lung and Red Carpet (International Selection)

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To help Francis Hallé in his fight to save the last tropical forests, a documentary filmmaker with a passion for nature decided to make his first feature film: The Botanist, an ecological thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio. He traces his way with malice, obstinacy, and discovers, with candor, the arcana of the seventh art. Even if he never gives up, will his film ever exist?

15 05, 2023

Girl Scouts (International Selection)

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Marie and Juliette left the classical education system to open a school in the heart of Brussels where they welcome children with no schooling background, often from exile. They offer them a place and a time outside of formal school learning to be or become children again, before facing the school institution that will expect them to be students. Through their attempts and their pedagogical reflections, the film forces us to question the school as a place where oppressive relationships affect us all.

5 05, 2023

Eau Secours: From the Andes to the Amazon (International Selection)

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Water is the source of all life. It has drawn the Earth and the history of humanity. But it can become dangerous if you try to control its flow. It can even become poisonous when men dump mercury, arsenic... The rivers of Bolivia, which are the veins of the heart of South America, are dyed red, gray and even disappear. The inhabitants of different peoples of Bolivia and specialists warn us that access to clean water is becoming more difficult every year. This documentary opens a window on a Bolivian reality and illustrates a global emergency.

4 05, 2023

Low-Tech (Youth Selection)

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Low-tech is an ecological and local approach, which consists in conceiving or spreading simple, sustainable and accessible techniques and know-how. A group of citizens is fighting to democratize this approach. To supply themselves with energy, to repair the machines of their daily life or to build their own means of production, in agriculture or industry. With tools within reach of each of us...

1 05, 2023

Dear Future Children (International Selection)

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In the months leading up to the pandemic, 50 countries saw citizen protests against corruption, while high school students everywhere were striking for the climate. 20-year-old Franz Böhm travelled with his camera to Hong Kong, Uganda and Chile to portray three young women activists who are committed to their bodies and soul for the environment, democracy and against corruption.

1 05, 2023

Ganado o Desierto (International Selection)

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One of the solutions to climate change comes from animals. The theme of this documentary proposes to show the use of livestock for the regeneration of pastures, soils, trees and water.

1 05, 2023

Utopia-s ? Sarayaku (Out of Competition – Opening Ceremony)

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Sarayaku is a territory and a people located in the north of the Amazon, south of Ecuador. The members of the seven communities - and as many communes - that constitute it defend their Kichwa culture and "the living forest" against the repeated attempts to extract oil.Alongside Abigael, Ilda, Angun and Tupac we discovered a utopia as luxuriant as the immense forest that shelters it. Direct democracy, transparency, equality for all, legal struggles, physical struggles if necessary, defense of life and biodiversity, mastery of political communication tools, preservation of customs, but also questioning of certain traditions considered too "macho"... the vitality of the struggles of the Kichwas of Sarayaku is of an amazing intensity.

1 05, 2023

Death Otherwise (Local Corner)

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What is Humusation? It is a controlled process of transformation of human bodies by humus organisms (micro-organisms present only in the first cm of the soil) in a compost composed of wood shavings, which transforms, in 12 months, the mortal remains into healthy and fertile Humus.

1 05, 2023

In your hands (Local Corner)

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Marie lives and works in a mountain valley in the Alpes-Maritimes. She grew up there and has been farming for the past ten years in a place called Le Jardin Rocambole. There, she produces organic plants but also seeds. By following her in her daily life, this film allows us to discover an ancestral practice that has been forgotten for decades. Marie is a member of the Maison des Semences Paysannes Maralpine (MSPM) and this film follows her in the different actions and meetings carried out within this association whose objective is to put in the hands of peasants, farmers and gardeners peasant seeds that are free to circulate in order to preserve the cultivated biodiversity

1 05, 2023

Pebbles in the Shoe (Local Corner)

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At the gates of the Vercors, the inhabitants of Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans discovered that a massive rock quarry wanted to set up on the small mountain overlooking their village, Mount Vanille. Stunned by the gigantic nature of the project and feeling betrayed by the elected officials, the village mobilized.

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