23 04, 2023

Contes de Printemps (School session)

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Spring is coming. In the middle of the jungle or the forest, nature takes over, encounters surprise more than one, love blossoms and troubadours sing for the queen. Stories of great originality brought by young talents of animation to celebrate this season full of promises...

23 04, 2023

Captains (Youth Selection)

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Noée, a 9 year old girl, comes to join her mother who has recently moved to an island in Brittany where she has found a job as a waitress in a restaurant. When she arrives, Noée discovers that all the children on the island have known each other all their lives, that they have a rather easy life and that they are all sailing. Chenghua is 9 years old and has to prepare a presentation on space with his best friend. She can't find the time to do it because her parents are always asking her to translate. The latter do not speak French.

23 04, 2023

Grosse Colère (School session)

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What would we do without our imagination, which gives us the power to escape from monsters, to calm our anger or to find a loved one? With Grosse colère & fantaisies, La Chouette du cinéma offers us five stories, between mischief and emotions, which show us that happiness simply comes from our fantasy and our imagination!

20 04, 2023

Piro Piro (School session)

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A set of 6 poetic and sensitive animated films where the talent of two young South Korean directors, Baek Miyoung and Min Sung-Ah, unveils a universe of warm pastel colors. Little birds weave the link between these films in which we share moments of tenderness and humor.

20 04, 2023

The Birth of the Oasis (School session)

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5 short animated films: A garden full of mysteries, raindrops that unite, there are many reasons to marvel and dream all around us. Finally, let's not forget that there is a little something in nature that is worth more than gold, oil and diamonds: the seed of life.

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