Opening ceremony

Thursday, May 30 2024 – Place de la Castre – Free admission

To open this 4th edition of the festival, the Opening Ceremony, hosted by Sébastien Fouillade, will be held on May 30 from 6:00 pm, in the open air on Place de la Castre, in Le Suquet. The Mecca of Cannes’ cultural heritage, this historic site offers breathtaking views of the bay, the town, the Croisette Croisette and the Lérins Islands.

6:15pm – Storytelling show – David Razon

David Razon is a French storyteller, educator, masseur, painter, photographer and traveler whose work focuses on the transformative power of words, images and positive intentions. David Razon’s work focuses on the transformative power of words, images and positive intentions. Deeply influenced by “invisible” communication learned from his disabled mother, David has developed a unique approach to storytelling, using it as a tool to teach, inspire and heal. David’s tales help teenagers to open up, adults to reconnect with their emotions, and the elderly to smile again. Its approach goes beyond mere entertainment, aiming to awaken awareness and encourage deeper reflection on life and its challenges. David combines different approaches: massage, Taoist martial arts, trance dance, breath work, dance and singing. The study of shamanism enabled him to participate in vision quests with the Navajos, reinforcing his belief in the power of mind and body in motion. David Razon continues to share his stories and teachings, convinced that everyone can transform their lives through changed perception and a commitment to happiness.

7pm – Cocktail reception with music – Chef Victor Brandi & Simon Duval

Victor Brandi is a distinguished Brazilian chef, renowned for his passion for quality products and his commitment to sustainable cuisine. Trained by Japanese chefs, he perfected the art of fish preparation before working in the kitchens of Michelin-starred restaurants such as Hôtel de la Poste Frédéric Doucet in Burgundy and Villa Archange on the Côte d’Azur.

In 2016, Victor opened the Brasilia restaurant, which quickly captured attention with its innovative recipes. He also co-founded the Babel Babel restaurant in Nice, after training in Lebanese cuisine in Beirut. Passionate about fermentation, he excels in the creation of artisan breads and lacto-fermented preserves, affirming his role as an avant-garde chef in the field of responsible gastronomy.

Simon Duval is a distinguished French chef renowned for his passion for Ayurvedic cuisine. “My raison d’être focuses on digestive system prevention and the transmission of Ayurvedic influences in a modernized, Westernized way, bringing together ethical and ancestral cuisine. My various travels have enabled me to refine my creations and seasonings, which to this day are the signature of a colorful, healthy organic cuisine, filled with love and intentions turned towards body and mind.”

8pm – Conference The human impacts of climate change – François Gemenne

Co-author of the sixth IPCC report, and a specialist in environmental and climate migration issues, as well as policies for adapting to global warming, François Gemenne makes no claim to exemplarity, nor to dictating to people how they should live their lives. He will explain why the situation is not hopeless and why every little action counts, and tell us about his book,
Ecology is not a consensus
Although circumstances should lead to this, political ecology has failed to establish itself as the dominant political force of the 21st century. This book attempts to explain the reasons why this is not possible, and the limits of representative democracy in its ability to lead transformative policies for climate or biodiversity. Although representative democracy is a dead end, the situation is not hopeless: democracy cannot be reduced to elections, and the book shows how change can happen… without going through a “green dictatorship”.

9:00 pm – Presentation of FIFES 2024 – Sébastien Fouillade

Actor, singer and author, Sébastien Fouillade divides his time between theater, film/television and the stage.
Différent Égale Plus
the training company he founded in 2014.

Currently playing in Citadela feature film by Bruno Mercier, he will be on stage next season in Trinidad’s new creation And in the meantime Sigmund Freuddirected by Gil Galliot on a subject he is particularly passionate about: the silence of men and transgenerational issues. As part of this creation, he will be co-hosting the Ça va faire mâle podcast with Trinidad, to free men’s voices from the beaten track of the traditional patriarchal model.

With his training, coaching and team-building company, surrounded by a team of expert artists, the living arts are used to develop soft skills and corporate well-being. The Différent Égale Plus pedagogy is built on a holistic approach that brings together body, heart and mind to create an ecology of relationships.

9:45pm – Outdoor screening – We are Guardians – 90 min – Brazil – 2023

In the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, thousands of people illegally invade land
forests for resources and quick profits. Now, with the health of the entire Amazon in jeopardy, will Brazil and the world take notice?

Indigenous forest guardian Marçal Guajajara and activist Puyr Tembé are on the front line of this struggle, risking their lives to protect their ancestral lands from the relentless waves of deforestation. On the other hand, Valdir, an illegal logger, is caught up in a desperate struggle to make ends meet and sees no other way but to continue cutting down the forest. Through a raw and personal web of voices, We Are Guardians offers an intimate look into the lives of those closest to the Amazon, and unravels the layers of this critical situation to reveal a story that ultimately concerns us all.

Directed by indigenous filmmaker Edivan Guajajara and environmental filmmakers Chelsea Greene and Rob Grobman, We are Guardians was produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. The film will be announced by Gilles and Prune de Maistre, our godparents.