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Electro tribal concert (Music – Closing Ceremony)

Place de la Castre Le Suquet, Cannes

For the FIFES, Romain Vigna(DJ Nagual) will concoct a tribal electro mix combining traditional rhythms and sounds from Brazil, Peru, Africa and India with more modern and futuristic sounds. The public will be invited to dance with the members of the collective Contact Improvisation 06 (fb). This dance favors improvisation from a point of contact of one's body with the earth and with the body of a partner, it blends perfectly with the music proposed by Dj Nagual. The members of the collective will be dressed in blue symbolizing Water; [...]

La Horde de l’autre-temps (Live performance (Dance) – Closing Ceremony)

Place de la Castre Le Suquet, Cannes

Intervention danced in the public, unwinding of a "body mantra" to introduce itself - this is an excerpt of the performance that will be found Friday night at the seaside. "The Horde of the Other Time is a collective body that is alive and vibrant, moving and connected to the elements. The Horde moves through space in an organic and undisciplined way. Her inner life force, enriched by what she finds in her path, bursts forth in sudden human bursts. The Horde is the "us" we met 20,000 leagues under the skin..."

Closing Ceremony

Place de la Castre Le Suquet, Cannes

At the end of these three days of screenings and events, a closing ceremony will be held at Place de la Castre. The ceremony starts at 7:30 pm, the venue will be open to the public from 6:00 pm. During this ceremony, we will review the three days of the festival and four awards will be presented: The Golden Seed, The Jury's Favourite Award, The Special Award, The Youth Award. The awards are the result of the creation of major artists in ceramics, sculpture and painting. The evening will continue with a concert with multiple musical genres.

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