Latest Past Events

Special screening: The Seeds of Vandana Shiva

Cineum 13 Av. Maurice Chevalier, Cannes

Documentary by Camilla and James Becket  Vandana Shiva's Seeds, a feature-length documentary, presents the remarkable life story of Gandhian ecologist and agro-ecologist Vandana Shiva. A classic David versus Goliath story, the film shows how Vandana, a brilliant scientist, became Monsanto's worst nightmare and a star of the international organic food movement.           Cinema tickets will be sold online at the Cineum box office or on site on the day.  (retail price: €8) 

Special Screening: Essaimons-nous

Cineum 13 Av. Maurice Chevalier, Cannes

Documentary by Laure Saint-Hillier Essaimons-nous is the fruit of an inspiring collective adventure that began in the farming community of the Franche-Comté region. The steps they take, the questions they ask, the doubts they have and the difficulties they face are all subjects common to any collective experience. Their perseverance, creativity and the strategies they use to achieve their goals are courageous and inspiring. Essaimons-nous takes a sensitive, plastic approach to these issues, gracefully blending cinema and poetry.       Cinema tickets will be sold [...]

Projection Golden Seed Award 2023: Girl Scouts

Cineum 13 Av. Maurice Chevalier, Cannes

Marie and Juliette left the classical education system to open a school in the heart of Brussels where they welcome children with no schooling background, often from exile. They offer them a place and a time outside of formal school learning to be or become children again, before facing the school institution that will expect them to be students. Through their attempts and their pedagogical reflections, the film forces us to question the school as a place where oppressive relationships affect us all.