How to come to the festival?

Make maximum use of soft mobility

Ds part of its ecological and social commitment, FIFES encourages sustainable modes of travel. Walking, biking, bus, train or even carpooling, there is no lack of solutions to reduce our environmental footprint!

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Coming by foot

The FIFES is ideally located in the heart of Cannes. All trips between the various festival venues can be made on foot.

Coming by bike

Numerous bicycle paths have been set up in the department, including a path that runs along the sea from Nice to Cannes. Once in Cannes, you will find many places to park your bike. You will also have the possibility to repair or check your bike with the association Choisir le Vélo which will be present on the FIFES initiatives village on Saturday June 3rd afternoon.

Coming by bus

The bus network of the Cannes Pays de Lérins agglomeration(Palmbus) as well as the network of the Southern region(Zou!) offer many options to get to Cannes and the FIFES by bus. Feel free to consult the schedules.

Coming by Train

The Grasse line > Menton as well as the Marseille line > Nice allow you to go easily to Cannes by train, while avoiding congestion on the roads. Do not hesitate to consult the train schedules.


Por those who cannot use soft mobility or public transportation to reach the Festival, we strongly encourage carpooling. It’s a convenient and environmentally friendly way to get around, reducing the number of vehicles on the road and contributing to a more sustainable future.

By sharing the journey with other festival participants, you will be able to strengthen ties between different communities, share ideas on ecological and social initiatives and have a unique experience together. This is an opportunity to be part of a larger movement.

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8 parking lots: Palais, Suquet-Forville, Laubeuf, Ferrage-Meynadier, Vauban, République, Lamy and Roseraie.

  • 6 hours free (3h Saturday + 3h Sunday)
    3 hours free on Saturdays, 3 hours free on Sundays and holidays, i.e. 6 hours free on weekends (offer valid for all parks and applies to all parks except for the 1 hour allowance).
  • 2 free hours once a week
    2 free hours apply only once a week (this offer is valid for all the parks and does not include the 1-hour deductible for the parks concerned).
  • Evening package of 3 € max from Saturday 7pm to Sunday 9am
    From Saturday 7pm to Sunday 9am, a fee capped at 3 € (based on the price list).

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