Closing Ceremony

Saturday, June 1 2024 – Place de la Castre – Free admission

The closing ceremony, presented by Sébastien Fouillade, will take place at 6pm in the Place de la Castre. The venue will be open to the public from 5:00 pm.

6pm – Dance show – Les Somatonautes

The Cie Les Somatonautes is a collective body of dancing artists, passionate about the manifestation of life in the human body and participating in the re-enchantment and development of human sensitivity.

Since 2015, workshops, contact improv jams, workshops, encounters and artistic performances have been organized by the Cie to offer spaces for the exploration of feeling. In 2018, the Cie produced the performance maGma, a collective female body created for the contemporary art biennale, the Dak’art festival, in collaboration with McCann Dakar and visual artist Sophie Le Hire.

In 2023, the Cie continues its research with a mixed male-female collective body, in dialogue with the rock, the time of stone and its sedimentation, analogous to the possibility of encountering a living time in humans. Thanks to FIFES 2023, “la horde de l’autre-temps” was born, and new participants are currently joining it for future creations.

7pm – Musical cocktail reception

8pm – Announcement of the 2024 Awards – Sébastien Fouillade

During this ceremony, the winners of the 4th edition of FIFES will be presented with the various prizes:

– Graine d’Or,
Prix Coup de Coeur du Jury,
– Prix Spécial du Jury,
– Prix de l’Engagement,
– Prix de la Meilleure Réalisation,
– Prix Vert comme l’Espoir,
– Prix du public
– Prix Jeunesse.

The awards are the result of the creation of major artists in ceramics, sculpture and painting.

9pm – Concert Mirana Rakotoarimanana

Mirana, a self-taught artist from Madagascar, has made a name for herself in the world of music with her unique voice, embracing a variety of styles such as pop, R&B and soul, as well as her own. international and French variety. Influenced by legends such as Whitney Houston, Céline Dion, Mariah Carey, and Michael Jackson, she has also incorporated Malagasy songs into her sound. repertoire, testifying to his attachment to his roots.

With no formal training in singing, Mirana has performed at a variety of events, from weddings to cultural events, and marked her career with a notable appearance on a TV show in Madagascar.

Her passion for music, enriched by five years’ experience in a choir, continues to reach a diverse audience, proving that pure talent can transcend the barriers of formal education.

10pm – Concert – The Country Gentlemen

Formed in 2022 in Vence, Alpes-Maritimes, Les Country Gentlemen fuse the expertise of seasoned musicians with a passion for rural, seminal Rock’n’Roll.

Their music, tinged with Chicago Blues, Hill-Billy, Country-Western, and Texas Swing, also celebrates the variety of 20th-century folk dances. Despite their recent formation, each member brings a wealth of performance experience across prestigious venues and diverse events, from Paris to the French Riviera. Grégoire Garrigues, Arnaud Legrand, Serge Ceccanti, and Piers Delph make up this dynamic group, each bringing their own unique touch to the band’s distinctive sound.

Together, they revisit the rare gems of the American musical repertoire from the 40s to the 60s, offering an aural experience both nostalgic and refreshing.

11pm – Concert – DJ Agent d’Ambiance

Born into an environment where music was omnipresent, DJ Agent d’Ambiance developed a deep passion for rhythms and melodies from an early age. His childhood, cradled in a diversity of musical genres, laid the foundations for what was to become not just a career, but a true vocation. What drives DJ Agent d’Ambiance on a daily basis is his passion for dance and his ability to transmit this energy to the audience.

A mood specialist, she excels in the art of getting people up and dancing, seamlessly linking timeless hits with fashionable novelties. His trademark? An eclectic playlist that crosses all musical styles, from timeless classics to the latest trends, ensuring that every evening is an unforgettable experience.