Aya (Sélection Internationale)

Olympia Cinema 5 rue d'Antibes, Cannes

Lahou, Ivory Coast. Aya grew up carefree with her mother. Intimately linked to her island, the young girl sees her bearings collapse when she learns that her paradise is doomed to disappear under the waters. As the waves threaten her home, Aya makes a decision: Lahou is her island; she will not leave it. An initiatory path is then offered to her, a path towards her identity, a path towards herself.


In your hands (Local Corner)

Cinema Les Arcades 77 rue Félix Faure, Cannes

Marie lives and works in a mountain valley in the Alpes-Maritimes. She grew up there and has been farming for the past ten years in a place called Le Jardin Rocambole. There, she produces organic plants but also seeds. By following her in her daily life, this film allows us to discover an ancestral practice that has been forgotten for decades. Marie is a member of the Maison des Semences Paysannes Maralpine (MSPM) and this film follows her in the different actions and meetings carried out within this association whose objective is to put in the hands of peasants, farmers and gardeners peasant seeds that are free to circulate in order to preserve the cultivated biodiversity


Young people, what commitment can you make to meet the immense challenges of our time? (Round table – Village des Initiatives)

The Allées de la Liberté The alleys of freedom, Cannes

Erosion of biodiversity, climate change, energy depletion... It is difficult to be optimistic today when trying to imagine the future, especially when you are between 17 and 30 years old. Some young people are more sensitive than others to the gravity of the ecological situation. What were their triggers? What life for a young person in 2023? Which commitment(s)? This meeting gives the floor to four representatives of this youth mobilized for a better world.

The necessary adaptation to future shocks. How to live on Earth differently? (Round table – Village des Initiatives)

Life, water, soil, climate, pollution... while the planetary limits are crossed one after the other and our thermo-industrial civilization is going to experience an inevitable energetic and material descent, what are the risks we are facing today? How to anticipate them and learn to live differently? With what relationship to the Living? On what scale? For what future?

Performance (Let’s do it / Organic time – Village of Initiatives)

Speakers follow one another in round tables, speakers from the village, but also visitors, having in common to want to create something "ecological and social" on the, our territory in The aim is to create dynamics and links for concrete actions. It will be a matter of building the stage on the day itself, which will then be animated, also with the public present. This round table is a moment of collective construction whose course is to be adapted until the last moment Let's do it!

Green Sun and Red Alert: When Hollywood Sounded the Alarm (Youth Selection)

Olympia Cinema 5 rue d'Antibes, Cannes

Documentary by Jean-Christophe Klotz France, 2022 In 1973, Richard Fleischer's "Green Sun" described a suffocating and apocalyptic world set in... 2022. Half a century later, what have we retained from the warning cry launched by this film that has become a cult? An America plunged into a permanent heat wave, where nature has disappeared. Mostly homeless, its inhabitants only receive strange plankton-based cookies for food, distributed by a tentacular company... In 1973, "Green Sun" by Richard Fleischer, starring Charlton Heston, was the first science-fiction film to evoke not an exogenous [...]


Ganado o Desierto (International Selection)

Cinema Les Arcades 77 rue Félix Faure, Cannes

One of the solutions to climate change comes from animals. The theme of this documentary proposes to show the use of livestock for the regeneration of pastures, soils, trees and water.


Dear Future Children (International Selection)

Cinema Les Arcades 77 rue Félix Faure, Cannes

In the months leading up to the pandemic, 50 countries saw citizen protests against corruption, while high school students everywhere were striking for the climate. 20-year-old Franz Böhm travelled with his camera to Hong Kong, Uganda and Chile to portray three young women activists who are committed to their bodies and soul for the environment, democracy and against corruption.


Closing Ceremony

Place de la Castre Le Suquet, Cannes

At the end of these three days of screenings and events, a closing ceremony will be held at Place de la Castre. The ceremony starts at 7:30 pm, the venue will be open to the public from 6:00 pm. During this ceremony, we will review the three days of the festival and four awards will be presented: The Golden Seed, The Jury's Favourite Award, The Special Award, The Youth Award. The awards are the result of the creation of major artists in ceramics, sculpture and painting. The evening will continue with a concert with multiple musical genres.

La Horde de l’autre-temps (Live performance (Dance) – Closing Ceremony)

Place de la Castre Le Suquet, Cannes

Intervention danced in the public, unwinding of a "body mantra" to introduce itself - this is an excerpt of the performance that will be found Friday night at the seaside. "The Horde of the Other Time is a collective body that is alive and vibrant, moving and connected to the elements. The Horde moves through space in an organic and undisciplined way. Her inner life force, enriched by what she finds in her path, bursts forth in sudden human bursts. The Horde is the "us" we met 20,000 leagues under the skin..."

Electro tribal concert (Music – Closing Ceremony)

Place de la Castre Le Suquet, Cannes

For the FIFES, Romain Vigna(DJ Nagual) will concoct a tribal electro mix combining traditional rhythms and sounds from Brazil, Peru, Africa and India with more modern and futuristic sounds. The public will be invited to dance with the members of the collective Contact Improvisation 06 (fb). This dance favors improvisation from a point of contact of one's body with the earth and with the body of a partner, it blends perfectly with the music proposed by Dj Nagual. The members of the collective will be dressed in blue symbolizing Water; [...]