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Women living in urban slum suffer from general deprivation including access to information and funding. So, they don’t know how to get what they need. They are unable to cater adequately for the basic needs of food, clothes, shelter, and skills. Their children suffer greatly because of poverty, lack of education, and ultimate dependence on their husbands.

Such is the case of women in Ilaje- Bariga fishing community in Lagos state Nigeria. Lack of access to funds, unequal education opportunities and access to business prospects has resulted in stunted economic security. Furthermore, the strong dependency on financial help from middlemen keeps most fisherwomen in their traditional business without any prospect of improvement.

Knowledge Aid Initiative believes that providing sustainable funding and training in business management skills for Ilaje women will help the women build assets so that they can stabilize their income, raise their standard of living and reorient themselves and their families.


People of Ilaje Bariga community is often categorized as poor fishers and they are living below the poverty line. They are characterized by high infant mortality, low levels of formal educational achievement, and other indicators of poverty and they have been known for its impoverishment and marginalization.

Ilaje Women need to work to sustain their family like other women but they don’t have relevant skills and resources to do so. They rather make their children trade with them than go to school, thereby hindering their education. They are uneducated. They have limited access to funding, social and economic infrastructure and consequently, limited chances of advancing in their quality of life. They sell the fish caught by their husbands which most times depend on weather, the gear and catch. Considering that Fishing is seasonal and the fishermen are the mercy of nature, this makes their family to live in great poverty without any hope of change. And others not totally relying on the fish caught by their husbands strongly depend on financial help from middlemen and this leaves them to little or no profit. Hence, to break the cycle of poverty in their lives they need funding, additional source of income and skills.


Knowledge Aid Initiative will be giving 100 Fisherwomen sustainable funding and training in business management skills which will help the women build assets so that they can stabilize their income, raise their standard of living and reorient themselves and their families.The Women will become independent and able to provide food for their children and allow them to attend and concentrate in their schools instead of using them just for household chores and engaging them solely in their trades. 
Providing Ilaje Bariga women access to the financial tools and resources they require to build security and prosperity is a great step to end poverty because improved family income means better education for children, food, nutrition, shelter, savings, equality, and hope.


    Women’s involvement in economic activities will increase family income which can be used to meet daily necessities of the family members.Poverty will be reduced in Ilaje bariga.100 women will train 400 women who will use their skills to improve the general health of community. 500 families will be reached through the trained women. Over 2,000 children will access education. The project will be duplicated in other urban slums across Nigeria.



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